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CumuLogic Database Service is an “on-prem” platform empowering developers and DBAs with self service database access, while enabling IT Ops to retain control of the underlying infrastructure for governance and security. Databases supported include MySQL, MongoDB and Couchbase.  Learn More → 


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Rapid-Fire Webinar: Amazon RDS-Like Simplicity on ANY Infrastructure

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Use Cases

The CumuLogic DBaaS platform provides the ideal building block for a variety of use cases, including Dev/Test/QA environments, hosted web apps, big data analysis and a lot more! Learn More →
CumuLogic DBaaS and Cloud Services empower you not only to offer modular cloud services, but also to create or augment your managed private cloud business. Learn More →
To foster academic innovation in cutting edge cloud computing technologies, CumuLogic is making available its Cloud Services software portfolio for FREE to qualifying universities worldwide for academic research and teaching. Learn More →

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