Citrix CloudStack Platform Is Now Apache CloudStack

CuuLogic Citrix Ready Partner

Citrix announced today that they are working with the Apache Software Foundation to release their next version of robust Infrastructure-as-a-Service  platform under the Apache Software License. This makes CloudStack more open and attractive from its previous GPL V3 license, allowing the community to freely develop and build open source Infrastructure-as-a-Service clouds. Citrix is also making CloudStack 100% compatible with the Amazon cloud which, we expect it will accelerate adoption of private clouds and provide choice to enterprises to leverage their existing investments in infrastructure and software licenses to transform enterprise IT infrastructure to next generation elastic infrastructure while tapping into Amazon’s public clouds resources on a need basis.

We are excited to announce that this makes CumuLogic the only Platform-as-a-Service provider certified for Apache CloudStack. We have been working closely with Citrix and using CloudStack as our primary development platform.

Congratulations to Citrix on leading the cloud industry and making their IP available to the broader community to drive further innovation in IaaS platforms. We look forward to continue to innovate and further deepen our integration with Apache CloudStack.

Cumulogic PaaS installer for private clouds is available here.